Community Service

The College of Information Technology (CIT) has established three recurrent innovative activities that contribute to the development of the local community. These include:

IT Marathon is an annual event run by CIT to nurture and further develop the youth’s enthusiasm for information technology. Over 400 school pupils representing more than 70 schools nationwide in the UAE have been regularly taking part in the IT Marathon’s annual competition since 2008. The event also includes interaction with school teachers to bridge the gap between the education system and to share knowledge about contemporary IT topics.

CIT has also been organizing the annual international conference on Innovations in Information Technology since 2004. This conference brings together eminent research scientists and prominent professionals from the IT industry to discuss with the wider local community some of the contemporary developments which are at the forefront of information technology, and their applications to better serve the local economy and society.

The Cisco Academy at CIT offers students an opportunity to prepare for the CCNA industrial examination by offering the CCNA exploration and discovery course modules. Interested students from UAEU can take the course free of charge to strengthen their career prospects.  These courses can also be offered to members of the larger community to train and certify the networking workforce in various organizations. 

May 24, 2016