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CIT Students Win Schlumberger Robotics Award

June 7, 2009:

The iDesign year-long course, endorsed by Schlumberger, consisted of teams made up of students from four universities (Rice in USA, TokyoTech in Japan, UAEU in UAE, and ParisTech in France). Each team had students from two universities. The team supervised by Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis, which consisted of two students from CIT (Noura Al Dhaheri and Klaithem Al Nuaimi), alongside with college of engineering and Tokyotech representatitves, won the “Best Pipe Inspection Robot” award. This was a real victory for our students, and also provided valuable experience to them and exposure to our college.

Picture: From left to right:

  • Dr. Nikolaos Mavridis (UAEU CIT team supervisor)
  • Shammah Antali (UAEU Electrical Engineering student, part of team)
  • Noura Al Dhaheri (UAEU CIT student, part of team)
  • Dr. Fathi Gorbel (RICE university representative and Chief of iDesign course)
  • Jameela Menhali (UAEU Mechanical Engineering student, part of team)
  • RICE university representative (faculty in technical communications)